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Let's face it...  

In today's economy, owning your own home may be out of reach due to credit, down payment, cost and/or foreclosure. Remember how "creative" financing with interest-only loans got us into trouble a few years back.   Well "creative" now has a new definition and today it is the Lease Option or Rent to Own!

My name is Anthony Leonard, and I went through this process.  I couldn't get a conventional home loan because of credit and unverifiable income.  I found a great home and convinced the owner that a lease option was beneficial to him and my family.  I spent a great deal of time, and money, finding the right situation and a lawyer to create a contract (you can read my case study in the free Lease Option Guide).  This website is a result of my learning process.


Lease options (aka: rent to own) have been around forever, just not used as much in times of easy-to-get mortgages.  In today's world, lease options make sense for both the buyer and the seller.

At USA  Lease Options, we are taking the mystery out of the lease option.  Anyone can own a home! 

We provide a free Guide to Lease Options that gives you an over-view and valuable information.   Learn the secrets of the down/option payment, term length, selling price, percentage of principle reduction and maintenance/upgrade  responsibility.  At the end of the Guide there are case studies that discuss real-life, lease option stories.  

We also offer a Lease Option KitThe kit saves you hundreds on legal fees!  It includes documents you need to complete a lease option transaction and additional tips on how to approach a seller with the lease option scenario.


So lets get started...  Your first step is with the Lease Option Guide.





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